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Here at New York CBD, we are dedicated to getting you the highest quality CBD products—as fast as possible and directly to your doorstep. By sourcing from only lab-tested and certified CBD manufactures, we ensure that you have access to the nation’s highest quality full spectrum CBD products—including CBD flower, CBD oil, CBD tinctures, CBD pre-rolls and coming soon, CBD balms. We deliver cbd oils, flower, tinctures and pre-rolls throughout Manhattan. Our same-day delivery is the fastest and most convenient available. We are also the exclusive delivery partner for our products. We were contacted by a variety of CBD companies and we went through an extensive interview process to find only CBD providers that emphasize purity and quality in the CBD manufacturing process. If you’d like to speak with a representative, please click here to send us a message and we’ll get back to you right away. For same-day orders, please call or text us “cbd near me” and we’ll put you in the priority queue. “The Best CBD Near me” We’ve asked our customers to compare the benefits of using our CBD versus the untested, unsafe products provided by bodegas and vape shops. AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO COMPARISON. When you taste our flower or try our tinctures, you can actually taste the flower (in an absolutely lovely way). Beyond the taste, you’ll feel how CBD is supposed to make you feel. We won’t make claims on CBD’s many benefits but to help you try it out for yourself, so please use promo code ‘FRIENDS’ for your first order. We want you to understand that we have gone way out of our way to provide the highest quality CBD on the market and by offering our next day delivery guarantee, we are providing a level of speed and convenience in our delivery that allows you to get access to our products right when you want them. Whether you’re at your home or traveling, we’ll send you full spectrum oils and tincture or, if you like to smoke your CBD, our flower products that include pre-packaged pre-rolls so that you can enjoy our products right away.
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